Domestic Violence Ceus

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Domestic Violence Offender Program Standards

Domestic violence, as a learned behavior, is supported by a system of beliefs and attitudes and requires a variety of approaches to prevent, reduce, and eliminate it. This CEU course provides standards that are designed to addr... 2.00 hrs $10.00
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in Healthy Relationship Programs

This short CEU course describes healthy relationship programs' current approaches to addressing intimate partner violence (IPV) and teen dating violence (TDV).

Article Author: Kate Krieger, et al.; The Office of ... 1.00 hrs $5.00
Domestic Violence and the Holidays: Cultural Sensitivity

Questions may arise about the increase of domestic violence during the holiday season and how to appropriately meet the needs of survivors and advocates working in shelters through the holiday season. This CEU course examines s... 2.00 hrs $10.00
Violence During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Violence during pregnancy is a critical concern because it is often frequent and severe in nature. This short CEU course provides research findings concerning violence against pregnant and postpartum women.

Artic... 1.00 hrs $5.00
Identifying Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems of Children and Youth

Illinois Specific Approvals: Counselor I or II, Preventionist I or II, CARS I or II, MISA I or II or III, PCGC II, CCJP II, CAAP I, CRSS I or II, MAATP I or II, RDDP, NCRS I or II, CFPP II, ATE

This course is intended to promote the earl... 10.00 hrs $50.00
Substance Abuse Community: Helping Women Re-enter The Community After Incarceration

Research indicates that, as of 2016, over 1.2 million women in the United States were incarcerated in prison or jail, on probation, or on parole. Research also indicates that when women are released from jail or prison, they are often ill-prepared to r... 1.00 hrs $5.00
Domestic Violence Awareness for Healthcare Personnel

Nurses encounter victims of domestic violence or intimate partner violence regardless of where they work. Those who practice in offices, hospitals, clinics, homes, or facilities must be aware that living with domestic violence may be part of a person&r... 2.00 hrs $15.00
Domestic Violence Advocacy: Florida Update

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 24 people experience physical violence, rape, or stalking in the United States every minute. Only 3% of women who are murdered at home are killed by strangers. On average, more than 3 women an... 2.00 hrs $15.00
Domestic Violence Awareness for Healthcare Professionals

Domestic violence occurs in relationships among family members, partners, and people who share the same household or are dating; it includes child and elder abuse. Over the past 25 years, progress has been made in reducing domestic violence. However, d... 3.00 hrs $22.00
Violence and Families

Most violent crime cases in our society are documented statistically in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and National Crime Victimization Surveys and clinically by the number of victims admitted to EDs of trauma centers and hospitals. People are more apt ... 2.00 hrs $15.00
Uncovering Abuse in the Pregnant Woman

Domestic violence or intimate partner violence can only be halted when the issue is brought to light, and the victims are fully supported by society. Abuse occurs to pregnant women more often than gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. This course desc... 1.00 hrs $12.00
Domestic and Community Violence Nursing CE Course

The purpose of this activity is to educate the learner regarding domestic violence and sexual violence statistics, risk factors, prevention, and the most up-to-date best practices for the evidenced-based care of survivors.

At the completi... 3.00 hrs Varies
Forensic Evidence Collection for Sexual Assault Victims (Kentucky) Nursing CE Course

This module aims to outline the trauma-informed care of victims of sexual violence, including assessment, forensic evidence collection, documentation, and a brief overview of providing testimony. This course also satisfies the nursing continuing educat... 2.00 hrs Varies
Domestic Violence: The Kentucky Requirement

Because of the number of individuals affected, it is likely that most healthcare professionals will encounter patients in their practice who are victims of domestic violence. Accordingly, it is essential that healthcare professionals ar... 3.00 hrs $15.00
Mental Health Issues Common to Veterans and Their Families

The effects of deployment to military combat on the individual and the family system are wide-reaching and can be severe. Military personnel may confront numerous potentially traumatizing experiences, including military-specific events ... 2.00 hrs $15.00
Cyberbullying and Harassment

The goal of this course is to discuss a newer form of abuse—cyberbullying and cyberharassment. The course will review how perpetrators employ different digital mediums to harass their victims and the terminologies that have been l... 5.00 hrs $20.00
Digital Technology and Domestic Violence

With the rapid advances in Internet and digital technologies, communication and networking have expanded vastly. E-mail and cell phones, for example, have decreased geographic dispersion. Social networking sites such as Facebook have af... 3.00 hrs $15.00
Domestic Violence: The Florida Requirement

Domestic violence continues to be a prevalent problem in the United States today. Because of the number of individuals affected, it is likely that most healthcare professionals will encounter patients in their practice who are victims. ... 2.00 hrs $15.00
Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence

This peer reviewed course is applicable for the following professions: Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Athletic Trainer (AT/AL), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Clinical Nurse Specialist... 3.00 hrs $34.00
Intimate Partner Violence - Assessment, Safety Planning, Trauma, Sociocultural Aspects, Perpetrator Dynamics, and Legal Issues

According to the National Institute of Justice, intimate partner violence (IPV) is intentional physical, sexual, or psychological harm inflicted upon an individual by a partner or spouse. Intimate partner violence, sometimes called domestic violence, t... 3.00 hrs $18.00