Ethics Ceus

Course Title Provider Hours Cost
Ethics for Healthcare Professionals 2.00 hrs $10.00
The Ethical Principles of Administering Health Care to the Elderly 2.25 hrs $36.00
Ethics for Healthcare Professionals 9.00 hrs $144.00
Jurisprudence and Ethics for Nurses Licensed in Texas 2.00 hrs $34.00
Laws and Rules: Florida Respiratory Care Board 2.00 hrs $34.00
Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects for CNAs and HHAs 1.00 hrs $34.00
Nursing Ethics 2.50 hrs $14.00
Texas Ethics and Jurisprudence - Nurses 2.00 hrs $30.00
Everyday Ethics for Nurses 7.30 hrs $49.00
Legal Origins and Issues Behind Correctional Nursing 1.00 hrs $12.00
Nursing Ethics‚ Part 1: The History of Bioethics in the United States 2.00 hrs $15.00
Nursing Ethics‚ Part 2: The Language of Bioethics 1.00 hrs $12.00
Nursing Ethics, Part 3: Ethics in Nursing 1.50 hrs $15.00
Nursing Ethics, Part 4: Hospital and Healthcare Ethics Committees 1.00 hrs $12.00
Coping with Patient Death Nursing CE Course 2.00 hrs Varies
End-of-Life Care and Pain Management (with Ethical Issues) Nursing CE Course 2.00 hrs Varies
Fostering Civility and Healthy Work Environments in Nursing and Health Care Nursing CE Course 1.00 hrs Varies
Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics (Texas) Nursing CE Course 2.00 hrs Varies
Medical Ethics for Physicians 5.00 hrs $20.00
Texas Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics 2.00 hrs $15.00
Caring for the Adult with Developmental Disability 5.00 hrs $20.00