Nursing CEU Course

Precepting: The Chance to Shape Nursing's Future

Price: $12.001.0 Hours

Course Description

The preceptor’s role is to help less experienced nurses identify learning needs, set goals for improvement, and provide feedback on their progress. Preceptors are role models for professionalism and best practices in the clinical setting, socializing nurses into the work group, while educating and orienting them. Besides working with new graduates, preceptors are assigned to nurses who change positions, whether they move within an organization when switching specialties or they enter a new facility.   Preceptors require additional education, support, and interventions to prevent preceptor burnout and dissatisfaction. High turnover rates, increased cost, and low morale among nurses can occur when the preceptor role is weak or not valued. The number of new graduates, in particular, continues to grow, and as a result, more preceptors are required.

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