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How to Understand and Lead All 5 Generations in the Workforce

NAB Approval Number: 20220725-1.75-A76542-DL

For one of the first times in modern history, individuals from five generations can be found in the workforce. The question is, how can health care professionals effectively understand and lead individ... 1.75 hrs $28.00
COVID-19: An Update for 2021

NAB Approval Number: 20220523-1.75-A75009-DL

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is an ever-evolving threat to the United States health care system. Thus, health care professionals must remain up to date on relevant COVID-19 informat... 1.75 hrs $28.00
The Power of Gratitude

NAB Approval Number: 20220411-2.25-A73597-DL

Gratitude can be a powerful ally when trying to improve upon both personal and professional relationships. Gratitude can also be associated with several health benefits, which can improve upon one's ov... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Safely Caring for Seniors

NAB Approval Number: 20220220 -2.25 -A72558 -DL

Older adult patients are part of a large, vulnerable, and complex patient population that requires health care professionals to provide safe health care. The question is, how can health care profess... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Elder Abuse and Neglect

NAB Approval Number: 20211115-1.25-A70625-DL

Research presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that elder abuse is a common and serious problem affecting an alarming portion of the older adult population living i... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Sleep Deprivation

NAB Approval Number: 20211022-2.25-A69905-DL

Research presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that millions of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation. Research presented by the CDC also indicates that t... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Improving Communication

NAB Approval Number: 20210917-2.25-A68935-DL

It has been argued that communication is essential to health care. It has also been argued that effective communication can promote safe and effective health care, reduce medical errors, and optimize p... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Impaired Skin Integrity in Older Adult Patient Populations

NAB Approval Number: 20220726-1.75-A76140-DL

Impaired skin integrity can lead to infection, impaired mobility, loss of functionality, loss of limb(s) as well as decreased health, overall well-being, quality of life and even death. Therefore, impa... 1.75 hrs $28.00
Telehealth: Enhancing Care Through Technology

NAB Approval Number: 20220618-2.25-A74807-DL

The use of telehealth within the health care system has steadily increased over the past few years. Evidence suggests that the utilization of telehealth will continue to expand as the health care syste... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Protecting Yourself from Malpractice Claims

NAB Approval Number: 20220321-1.75-A72800-DL

Medical malpractice claims and lawsuits have become a very real part of health care. Thus, health care professionals should understand how to protect themselves against medical malpractice claims. This... 1.75 hrs $28.00
Dementia and Sexual Behavior

NAB Approval Number: 20220227-1.75-A72174-DL

Dementia and dementia associated inappropriate sexual behavior may be common among older adult patients. Therefore, health care administrators and health care professionals should be familiar with both... 1.75 hrs $28.00
HIPAA: Protecting Patients' Rights

NAB Approval Number: 20220131-1.25-A72175-DL

It has been argued that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is essential to health-related information, patients' rights, and the health care system. Thus, health ca... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Resolving Employee Grievances

NAB Approval Number: 20220407-2.75-A73631-DL

CEU Course Description

Employees have specific rights in the workplace, which are protected by law. If an employee believes his or her rights have been violated, he or she may submit a formal emp... 2.75 hrs $44.00
Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

NAB Approval Number: 20210811-1.50-A67366-DL

Adequate hand hygiene is essential to the safe and effective administration of health care. Thus, health care professionals should be very familiar with adequate hand hygiene. This course will review r... 1.50 hrs $24.00
Mental Health Disorders: Identification and Treatment

NAB Approval Number: 20220726-1.75-A76141-DL

In the current landscape of health care, the prevalence of mental health disorders appears to be on the rise. Thus, it is essential for health care professionals to possess insight into mental health d... 1.75 hrs $28.00
Nutritional Needs for Older Adults

NAB Approval Number: 20220502-2.25-A73774-DL

Nutrition can be an important determinant of older adults' health. Therefore, it is essential for assisted living and nursing home administrators to ensure older adults residing in their facilities rec... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Bioterrorism: A Comprehensive Review for Health Care Professionals

NAB Approval Number: 20220131-2.25-A71380-DL

Bioterrorism attacks may lead to mass infection, disease and serious, life-threatening conditions. As a result, health care professionals are often required to administer health care to those victimize... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Implementing Change in Long Term Care

NAB Approval Number: 20211222-4.00-A70381-DL

Effective patient care and leadership are essential to long-term care facilities. This course will review methods and strategies health care professionals may use to induce change in order to improve u... 4.00 hrs $64.00
Health Care Documentation: A Means to Safe and Effective Patient Care

NAB Approval Number: 20220725-1.25-A76139-DL

Adequate health care documentation can be a means to ensure the safe and effective administration of health care to patients in need. However, poor health care documentation can be quite the opposite. ... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Pain Management and Assessment

NAB Approval Number: 20220509-2.25-A73274-DL

It has been estimated that 100 million Americans suffer from some type of pain. Pain has become so widespread that it is often referred to as one of the primary reasons individuals seek health care. Wi... 2.25 hrs $36.00
National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease

NAB Approval Number: 20220316-4-A72859-DL

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a devastating and costly disease that affects over 5.5 million Americans nationwide. Unfortunately, research indicates the prevalence of AD is expected to significantly increas... 4.00 hrs $64.00
Human Trafficking

NAB Approval Number: 20220129-2.25-A72254-DL

The International Labour Organization estimates that more than 20 million individuals from across the world, including the United States, are victimized by human trafficking. However, human trafficking... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Federal Regulations of Long Term Care Facilities

NAB Approval Number: 20220317-5.75-A72767-DL

Long-term care facilities provide a variety of valuable services, both medical and personal, to individuals who are unable to live independently. Without long-term care facilities, millions of indivi... 5.75 hrs $92.00
Protecting Elders from Financial Exploitation

NAB Approval Number: 20220110-2-A72176-DL

Evidence suggests that financial exploitation is the most common form of elder abuse. Unfortunately, evidence also suggests that incidents of financial exploitation are on the rise. With millions of older... 2.00 hrs $32.00
Fall Prevention

NAB Approval Number: 20211109-1.50-A69203-DL

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults 65 and older. Evidence suggests that more than 20, 000 older adults die as a result of falls each year. Further research suggests... 1.50 hrs $24.00
Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information (HIPAA)

NAB Program Approval #20210908-1.75-A67974-DL

Healthcare workers have a very important role to play in the privacy and security of electronic health information. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) prov... 1.75 hrs $28.00
The Ethical Principles of Administering Health Care to the Elderly

NAB Program Approval #20210707-2.25-A67286-DL

The elderly population comprises one of the fastest growing segments of the overall health care population. Elderly patients rely on health care professionals for the most basic of needs and are often... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Ethics for Healthcare Professionals

NAB Approval Number: 20211120 - 9.00 - A70380 - DL

"Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professions, Third Edition, J. McTeigue, C. Lee, Pgs. 1-194, Saunders, an inprint of Elsevier, Inc. (2015)."

The goal of this CEU course is to... 9.00 hrs $144.00
Talking With Your Older Patients

NAB Approval Number: 20210801-1.25-A67130-DL

Good communication between the patient and the nursing home administrator is an important part of the healing process. The goal of this CEU course is to introduce and/or reinforce communication skills... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Identifying Vulnerable Older Adults - Legal Options for Increasing Protection During All-Hazard

NAB Approval Number: 20220313-1.25-A72858-DL

The guidance offered in this course is intended to help close many of the gaps in emergency planning and preparedness for vulnerable older adults. In particular, this CEU course seeks to give nursing ... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Promoting Emotional Health and Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for Senior Centers

NAB Approval Number: 20220519-1.75-A73775-DL

As a focus point for the community, nursing homes connect older adults with a range of critical services and programs, including meals and nutrition programs, transportation services, health and wellne... 1.75 hrs $28.00
Healthcare Preparedness

NAB approval #20211121-2.25-A70379-DL

Discussed in this CE course for nursing home administrators, nurses and assisted living personnel are topics that include healthcare system preparedness, healthcare system recovery, emergency operations coord... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Improving Nursing Home Quality

NAB approval #20220320-1.25-A72769-DL

The themes outlined in this course guide efforts to continue progress in improving nursing home safety and quality. The most effective approach to ensure quality is one that mobilizes and integrates all avai... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Health Information Technology in Long Term Care

NAB Approval Number: #20211015-1.25-A68838-DL

This course provides an overview of the opportunities for long-term and post-acute care providers to use health information technology to improve care delivery and health outcomes whil... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Prevention of Health Care-Associated Infection in Long-Term Care Facilities

NAB Program Approval Number: 20211030-1.50-A69298-DL

This course focuses on the Health Care-Associated Infection (HAI) Action Plan which reflects a significant update and expansion from the initial version issued in 2009. HAIs ar... 1.50 hrs $24.00
Unlawful Harassment - Employer Liability

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-1.25-A74810-DL

This course was developed from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Enforcement Guidance which provides laws and regulations of: vicarious employer liability for unlawful harassment by supe... 1.25 hrs $20.00
OSHA Care Facility Inspection Policy and Employer Rights

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-1.50-A74804-DL

This course was developed from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publication which describes policies and procedures for targeting and enforcement efforts to reduce occupational illness... 1.50 hrs $24.00
OSHA Indoor Air Quality

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-1.25-A74805-DL

This course was developed from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publication which provides a general overview of a particular standards-related topic. The publication discusses: sourc... 1.25 hrs FREE
OSHA Safety and Health Standards

NAB Program Approval Number: 20220529-2.75-A74806-DL

This course was developed from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publication which provides a general overview of standards-related topics. The summary of General Industry safe... 2.75 hrs $44.00
The Science and Practice of Improving Health Care

NAB Program approval #20220609-4-A74808-DL

This course was developed from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report which provides organizations with comprehensive, science-based information on common, costly medical conditions and ne... 4.00 hrs $64.00
A Primer on Alzheimers Disease and the Brain

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-2-A74802-DL

This course was developed from the National Institute on Aging report which discusses how Alzheimer's Disease affects the brain, the main characteristics and causes of the disease along with how it is dia... 2.00 hrs $32.00
Basic Principles of Infection Control

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-2-A74803-DL

This course was developed from the CDC and Institute For Healthcare Improvement guides which provides information on the selection and use of personal protective equipment in healthcare settings and to al... 2.00 hrs $32.00
The State of Aging and Health in America

NAB Approval Number: 20220529-1.50-A74809-DL

This course was developed from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion report which provides a snapshot of our nation's progress in promoting prevention, improving the h... 1.50 hrs $24.00
Overcoming Alzheimer's Disease

NAB Program Approval Number: 20220331-3-A72860-DL

This course was developed from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America recommendations for an integrated national plan to overcome Alzheimer's disease report which provides a compilation ... 3.00 hrs $48.00
Alzheimer's Disease Facts 2013

NAB Program Approval Number: 20220331-3.25-A72857-DL

This course was developed from the Alzheimer's Association Facts and Figures report which provides a statistical resource for U.S. data related to Alzheimer's disease, the most common type of d... 3.25 hrs $52.00
Overcoming Stigma of Dementia

NAB Program Approval Number: 20220331-4.50-A72861-DL

This course was developed from the Alzheimer's Disease International report which provides background on stigma and dementia, shares results from a worldwide survey conducted with peopl... 4.50 hrs $72.00
Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease

NAB Program approval #20220318-2.25-A72768-DL

This course was developed from the National Institute on Aging guide which presents information for caregivers on how to: understand how AD changes a person; learn how to cope with these c... 2.25 hrs $36.00
Measuring Employee Performance - Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals

NAB approval #20211014-2.75-A68836-DL

In this course, guidelines are presented for writing performance elements and standards and maximizing the capability of performance plans for focusing employee efforts on achieving organizational and group g... 2.75 hrs $44.00

NAB Approval Number: 20220524-1.50-A73771-DL

This course explores the different ways in people react to and heal from grief and sadness. It explains the difference between grief and depression as well as addressing the complex web of biology and ... 1.50 hrs $24.00
Biology of Aging

NAB Approval Number: 20220524-1.25-A73770-DL

Biology of Aging describes some of the National Institute of Aging's exciting findings about the basic biology of aging and points to directions for future investigation.

CEU Course Objectives ... 1.25 hrs $20.00
Medicaid: A Primer

NAB Approval Number: 20220524-2-A73769-DL

This CEU course is an overview of the federal Medicaid program and suitable for Nursing Home Administrators. It covers eligibility, services provided, cost, and funding for Medicaid. It is intended to hel... 2.00 hrs $32.00
Older Adults and Depression

NAB Program Approval Number: 20220524-3.25-A73768-DL

This course describes what an evidence-based practice (EBP) for treating older adults with depression is. It also presents factors to consider when choosing an EBP; identifies ... 3.25 hrs $52.00
End of Life Care

NAB Program Approval Number: 20211022-1.50-A68837-DL

This CEU course by the National Institute on Aging is a thoughtful collection of facts, suggestions and guidelines for caregivers of people facing death. Equally informative for family members ... 1.50 hrs $24.00